Work with the most trusted Outreach and SalesLoft partners to learn the ins and outs of your platform and our secrets to transformational sales engagement results.

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Setting the proper foundation of your instance based on best practices for governance settings, systems and data integration, content organization and task workflow. You can achieve operational efficiency and gain more ROI from your sales engagement platform.



Start better conversations with prospects through clear messaging, and drive more meetings to your pipeline. We create, install and split-test fresh messaging and overall sales engagement strategy, so you can better engage with prospects. Through persona and messaging workshops, you'll also learn the skills to become the messaging expert on your own.



Maximizing your output per sales rep with custom workflows, playbooks and in-depth training for your organization. It is one thing to learn how your sales engagement platform works, but another to customize it end to end to match your needs. Plus, ramping sales reps have to learn your organization and their sales engagement platform quickly. We will make sure they are equipped to succeed (and fast).



A managed service with a simple monthly fee to cover your administrative, support, and strategic needs for SalesLoft and Outreach customers. ASAP is your on-demand sales engagement resource. Our certified experts are equipped with the knowledge to help you with your sales engagement needs from the most basic questions and support issues to the more advanced strategic topics.

Generated $4 Million in new pipeline, and achieved full user adoption across the sales team via custom Outreach training and playbooks.

Generated over $2 Million in new pipeline in less than 6 months.

Went from a 3% booked meeting success rate to a 10% with new messaging and rep workflows. They are reaching out to 58% less prospects to book a meeting.

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“The team at RevShoppe has unleashed significant value to some of our most strategic customers. I have the utmost confidence that when RevShoppe is involved, our customers will get the most out of their Outreach purchase.”

Manny Medina, CEO at Outreach

“Very few sales orgs understand copy. Even fewer understand great processes. RevShoppe gets both It would easily take up a week of my time if I wanted to review and optimize everything, but luckily they handle it. We are generating more pipeline, more meetings and more deals across my entire organization. I am forever grateful and will be using them for a long time to come.”

Kevin Dorsey, VP Inside Sales at PatientPop

“The RevShoppe team has built a strong program to help our customers maximize their investment in SalesLoft. Iím excited to have such an amazing team of Sales Engagement experts in our ecosystem to support our growing customer base.”

Kyle Porter, CEO at SalesLoft

“Outreach is a complex tool and RevShoppe has been great to help us optimize our instance (content and reporting) and quickly get an ROI for the tool.”

Trisha Fields, Director of Marketing at Zenoss

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